For nearly two decades, PIMI has partnered with American churches to launch Romanian congregations and build new church facilities. To this day, our focus remains in making disciples as the mission of Christ spreads throughout Romania.

Over the years, PIMI has been successful in conducting medical clinics, children's ministries, pastoral conferences, women’s ministries, and Bible distribution programs.


It was in 1996 that God had a special calling for the family of Robert and Yvonne Ward to start ministering in Romania. At that time, Dr. Bob Ward was the pastor of Washington Avenue Baptist Church in Cookeville TN. Shortly after, that he resigned from that position and began together with his wife their faith journey starting Partners in Missions International. During the years of ministry, they began working in different parts of Romania (Timisoara, Oradea, Bistrita, Satu Mare, Brasov, Mures and Constanta) with more than 60 pastors starting and building over 40 churches.

In 1997, Elijah Morar was asked to work with PIMI leading the projects in Romania. For nearly two decades Bob, Yvonne, and Elijah worked tirelessly in Romania to make disciples, start new churches, produce medical clinics, kids camps, pastoral conferences, church building projects, work with the Gypsy community, door to door evangelism, teach in public schools and facilitate for thousands of Americans to come to Romania in a short term mission project. It was Bob’s desire that whenever he will go “home” Elijah – his disciple and his son in the faith – would continue leading PIMI.

It was in 2014 that the Lord called Br. Bob “home” and his son in the faith and his disciple was asked by the board to became the president of PIMI fulfilling God’s calling for Elijah’s life as well as Bob’s desire!

Since April of 2014 Elijah Morar is the president of PIMI and the ministry of making disciples and spreading the Kingdom of Heaven in Romania and all over Europe is going strong!

We encourage you to continue participating in PIMI short term mission project by praying, giving, and going especially to Romania and all over Europe!


January 30 - February 8, 2017:
Pastoral Conference & Evangelism Project in Satu Mare and Oradea

July 1-11, 2017:
Medical Mission in Oradea

October 6 - 16, 2017:
Lumberjack Project in Oradea

November 5-13, 2017:
Pastoral Conference in Constanta


Partners in Missions, International
Cookeville, TN, USA